On a walk along the Pilgrims' Path to Trondheim, you pass many local food producers. Trøndelag has very special natural conditions for the food here to be extra good! For thousands of years, farmers, fishermen, collectors and hunters have refined the raw materials and created stories for the food produced here.

When you are served food from our café Streif, you will be served food that has been produced along the Pilgrimsledene that enters Trondheim. The products are carefully selected for their quality and distinctive history. The producers are proud bearers of a strong food tradition in Trøndelag, which we are honored to present. We hope the taste will inspire you to visit more of Trøndelag's rich food platters.

Along the St.Olavsleden we find typical Trønder farms. Many of the farms are located on small hills surrounded by large fields. Others are located along steep slopes where farmhouses and storehouses cling.

Along this line, we have entered into collaboration with the following food producers:

The company Gull i munn consists of the farms Rølia, Bjerkem, Ner-Salberg, Fuldseth and Grandan Midtre on Innherred. They have teamed up to grow, grind and sell organic primordial grains – ancient grains with unmatched quality and nutritional value. A valuable element in the diet, interspersed with common sense and love for nature.

From the company Gull i munn, we get the wonderful primordial grain that we use in our pastries at Streif Café and Bakery.

Haugslia farm is a farm close to the city center in Verdal, north of Trøndelag, with the production of pig, grain, potato and carrot, as well as some vegetables. The farm is a family business, and has been run in the family for several generations. The first and oldest building mass dates from the 18th century, while what today makes up the square yard was built in 1836.

In the farm shop, they sell local produce which is mainly produced in-house. On the days it is served, there is a wide selection of other suppliers in the district as well as other niche producers.

From Haugslia farm we get the tasty Pulled Pork.

Surf Kombucha Inderøy

Maren Aasen Guichard was born and raised at Gangstad Gårdsysteri, where they make cheese and ice cream from the farm's fresh cow's milk. Through growing up, she has learned to appreciate good raw materials and good craftsmanship. She is a trained nutritional therapist, and passionate about healthy food and drink. The man Luca Guichard was born in Norway, but grew up in Portugal, where surfing has been an important part of life. He shares Maren's interest in physical activity and healthy eating. https://surfkombucha.no/

From Surf Kombucha Inderøy we get the bubbly Surf Kombucha.

Gjørv gård
has beautiful red trøndlån, large parks and an exciting history all the way back to the Bronze Age! We grow seed grain, and have more than 350 red deer grazing in a beautiful, rolling landscape, known for its green luxuriance since the time of the saws. Painstaking restoration work over 50 years has made the farm today one of the best preserved in the region.

From this farm we get the lovely Hjorte roast beef.

We know little about the 12th-century monastery Munkeby in Frol by Levanger. The Cistercian monastery was well established before 1180, probably founded from Lyse monastery near Bergen, and closed down before Lyse in 1207 founded the monastery at Tautra. The monastery church was then for centuries used as a parish church until it was destroyed by fire. Gården Munkeby remained a farm under the Tautra monastery until the Reformation.

From Munkeby monastery we get the good Munkeby cheese.

Along the Kystpilgrimsleden we find a beautiful coastline with large lush islands and small windswept reefs. On some of these we find settlements that feed on what is found in and around the sea.

Along this line, we have entered into collaboration with the following food producers:

Rotvoll Safteri moved in the summer of 2000 to "Det ekologiske hus" at Rotvoll in Trondheim, and first adopted the name Corona Safteri. The general store, which "Kristoffertunet" had started before, was incorporated into the business and a bakery was established. In 2010, "Det ekologike hus" and "Kristoffertunet" were merged into what we know today as Camphill Rotvoll. Today, close to 40 people work on site, and in 2013 they changed their name to Rotvoll Safteri.

From Rotvoll Juice Factory we get the wonderful plum and ginger juice.

Ankeret Mat AS is a small family business where three generations run artisanal production of herring and herring products. We stay at the far end of the sea gap on the Trøndelag coast on the tiny island of Kråkvåg, midway between Ørland and Hitra. The recipes are based on old family recipes, adapted to today's tastes and availability of raw materials.

From Ankeret Mat AS we get the tasty Apple Silda.

Garnviks Røkeri is a small family business from Frøya in Trøndelag. We were established in January 2014 and have since then made a name for ourselves. It is important for us to focus on our value base, which is real ingredients, exquisite taste, quality guarantee and a combination of new and old food knowledge.

From Garnviks Røkeri we get the delicious cold-smoked salmon.

The Dovreleden meanders through valleys and over the majestic Dovrefjell. Here, mountain people have a long tradition of subsisting on various types of game that roam the mountains.

Along this line, we have entered into collaboration with the following food producers:

Eidsmo slaughterhouse can be found in Kvål, south of Trondheim. At Eidsmo, they focus on quality assurance at all stages. Quality policy dictates clean meat products with consistent, high quality. To cure simply means to dry. In Eidsmo's drying loft, all you have to do is let time help you get the unique taste experience. The magic of the drying loft!

From Eidsmo butchery we get the tasty cured ham.

Jo-sætra is a small company based in Oppdal. In 2013, they started developing products from what the surrounding nature has to offer, and a long-standing hobby turned into a livelihood. It started with cricket juice, birch juice and rhubarb products, and today they have around 150 products. They pick and grow the raw materials for juice, syrup, jelly and jam themselves. From Jo-sætra we get the pearly and fresh Bjørkesprett for Dovreskreppa.

Hognamat AS is located west of Forollhogna. They refine cured meats inspired by the harsh wilderness that surrounds the place. Hognamat uses meat from lamb, reindeer, deer, elk and musk and seasons this with currants, juniper berries and other shrubs. They hunt for new flavors based on long family traditions and an uncompromising sense of quality. Hognamat is wild and tastes right.

From Hognamat AS we get the raw Muskuspølsa for Dovreskreppa.

Grindal Ysteri is a small, organic farm dairy in Rennebu. Here we produce fresh and unpasteurised milk from our animals; cow and goat. At Grindal, we make use of the qualities the place has given us; land and forest, animals and people. Resources work best in teams: The forest provides heat for washing water and cheese making. Cooperation in the neighborhood ensures that the wheel of the year runs smoothly. Cows, sheep and goats graze together on diverse and tasty pastures. By eating nutritious feed, we ensure that the animals are well in every way. Eighteenth we get fresh and fat milk. A pure raw material.

From Grindal Ysteri we get the tasty blue mold cheese Råblå.

The Østerdalsleden trail winds through thickets and forests, over mountains and valleys, and meanders between green plants and herbs. Through generations, people have learned to use everything nature has to offer in cooking.

Along this line, we have entered into collaboration with the following food producers:

Røros Mineralvannfabrikk was established in the 20th century with Oliver Langen - "Brus-Oliver" - as manager. Later he bought the factory and modernized it, and at full capacity they could eventually produce as many as 400 bottles per day. Later, his son "Brus-Ole" and his son-in-law "Brus-Erik" took over and developed the business. In the early 1980s there was a break, but in 2009 the company came to life when Rørosingers with a love for food, drink and the local area started Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk AS. Among the owners are descendants of Brus-Oliver. Today, both beer and mineral water are produced, and a 100-year-old family tradition is carried on up in the mountains.

From Røros Mineralvannfabrikk we get the flavorful and sparkling rhubarb soda.

Eggen Gardsysteri was established in 2001 by Liv and Ola. The cheese factory is built next door to the barn kitchen, and the milk is pumped directly from the milk tank into the cheese vat. The milk is pasteurized before it becomes Fjellost, Fjellblå, Eggen special, Fjellgo' and salad cheese. In addition, some traditional local products such as gubb and mølske are made. Great emphasis is placed on craftsmanship in cheese production. Eggen Gardsysteri has received several awards for its products, most recently gold for Fjellblå and silver for Fjellgo' in the World Cheese Awards 2017 in London.

From Eggen Gardsysteri we get the lovely salad cheese.

The bees at Nordli Gård overwinter in Rendalen to get an earlier start in spring. Around St.Hans, the beehives are moved up to Brydalen to produce summer honey, while in late summer they are moved up to the mountains to collect heather honey. The honey tablets from the hives are collected and disposed of at Nordli Gård. After winnowing, the honey is strained through a coarse sieve and a fine sieve, before the honey is stirred and bottled. The honey is never heat-treated or other ingredients added, and is a 100% natural product.

From Nordli Gård we get delicious honey.

Trondheim became a pilgrimage destination already in the Middle Ages, when Nidaros Cathedral was built over St. Olav's remains in the years after his death in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030.

In the Pilgrimsage Town of Trondheim, we have entered into collaboration with the following food producers:

The beginnings of Rotvoll Safteri can be found at Olsby farm on Tangen in Hedemark, where Kåre Godager ran Helios Safteri for many years. Business at Tangen ended and for several years the machines and tanks stood idle, until Ølen Safteri was established in 1991 and took over the business. In the summer of 2000, they moved to "Det ekologiske hus" at Rotvoll in Trondheim and took the name Corona Safteri. The general store, which "Kristoffertunet" had started before, was incorporated into the business and a bakery was established. In 2010, "Det ekologike hus" and "Kristoffertunet" were merged into what we know today as Camphill Rotvoll. Today we have close to 40 people working on site.In 2013 we changed our name to Rotvoll Safteri.

From Rotvoll juice factory, we get the fresh juice in a glass bottle.

Trondheim Sjokolade is a small chocolate factory that offers handmade chocolate made from the highest quality raw materials.

Alma is a craftsman in chocolate. She originally comes from Singapore but grew up here in Norway. She has been interested in chocolate since a young age and has a passion for innovation. Her interest developed during her upbringing and she chose to learn more about chocolate by apprenticing with world champion Wei Loon Tan from the Academy of Pastry Arts in Malaysia, one of the world's most renowned schools for pastry chefs, award-winning Nat Bletter from Madre Chocolate in Hawaii and Frédéric Bau, the founder of The Valrhona Chocolate School in France. Like any craftsman, she has a deep respect and passion for all elements of her craft.

From Trondheim Sjokolade we get our delicious confectionary pieces with flavors from several pilgrimage destinations.

Fagtrykk is Central Norway's largest graphic company with head office in Trondheim and branches in Namsos, Steinkjer and Orkanger. We focus on good solutions, high quality and prompt delivery. Production and sales in all four departments help reinforce this. A modern fleet of machines combined with professional expertise provides good conditions for you as a customer and for us who work at Fagtrykk.

Fagtrykk has developed our graphic profile and develops all our packaging.