Nidaros Pilgrimsgård Foundation is the reception place for pilgrims by the pilgrimage destination. We are also a meeting place for the people of Trondheim and the international pilgrim traffic that uses the Norwegian St. Olav Ways to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral. Nidaros Pilgrimsgård divides its work into three departments:

Pilgrim Center Trondheim works every day to improve the St. Olav ways in Norway as pilgrim rutes by maintaining and developing the associated infrastructure of accommodation, paths, benches, etc. We also work with partners in Trondheim to make the Pilgrimage Town of Trondheim an attractive place to experience for the pilgrims after they have reached the Nidarosdomen. If you need help planning your next or first hike along the St. Olav ways, you can visit the Pilgrim Center Trondheim at Nidaros Pilegrimsgård all year round. We help you with everything from recommended footwear, to where you can sleep along the ways.

Our hotel and guesthouse offers good beds in a quiet alcove in the middle of Trondheim. Here, everyone is welcome to stay overnight all year round.

Streif Café offers freshly baked goods for hungry long-distance pilgrims and the locals. The baking is made with "urkorn" (ancient grain), which is the signature of the food we serve. "Urkorn" have more nutrients and taste than traditional wheat flour, but are also more challenging to work with. Our bakers are proud to offer this unique bakery in our beautiful premises and garden.

Our Founders

The founders of Nidaros Pilgrimsgård are Trondheim Municipality, Trøndelag County, Nidaros Diocesan Office, Nidarosdomens restaureringsarbeider, Nidaros Cathedral and Vår Frues Menighetsråd, Olavsfest, Trondheim Kirkelige Fellesråd and the Areopagos Foundation. The chairman of the board is Lars Tvete.

Pilgrim Town Trondheim Nidarneset